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Date Stamps for office filing and record keeping! Order yours in self-inking and traditional, and choose date-only stamps or print the date with added info or message.

Huge Variety  |  Modified Configurations Available  |  Self-inking & Non-selfing  |  Plastic & Heavy-Duty



Date stamps allow you to easily mark the date on any stampable item. This becomes very useful—especially when numerous documents and items need dated like incoming mail, outgoing checks, processing invoices, etc. Traditional and self-inking line-daters and die-plate dares are available in a variety of sizes to meet all your marking needs,

What is the difference between a
Die-Plate Dater and a Line-Dater ?

  Die-Plate Daters

When a message needs printed with
each date, a "Die-Plate Dater" is your best friend! These daters allow you to customize your date stamp. Browse traditional messages or create your own.

  Line Daters
When a simple date is all you need,
a "Line-Dater" stamp is simple and easy. 
Choose self-inking or non-self-inking,
plastic or heavy duty, and from
a wide variety of sizes.


The custom nature of stamps allows for a huge variety of options, and not all are included in our online store. If you don't see the configuration you need, we encourage you to contact us at 877-424-5395 or sales@indianastamp.com to discuss the details of your application. Chances are high that we can help!