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Rubber stamp ink and pads for office stamps, industrial marking, lumber marking, stencils and more. Ink pads for office and industrial inks and extra large applications.

Office & Industrial Rubber Stamp & Stencil Inks  |  Huge Variety of Ink/Stamp Pads


Using the proper ink for your marking application is vital to getting satisfactory results. We carry a broad range of inks to meet your rubber stamping and marking needs.

Whether you're stamping paper in your office, lot codes parts, date codes on food packaging, or rubber stamping with your kids, we have you covered! Most inks are in-stock and ready to ship.

             •  Inks - rubber stamp ink for most surfaces
             •  Shiny Pre-inked Refills - refill ink for flash stamps (like premier and eminent)

             •  Secure Ink - refill ink for Secure stamps
             •  C-1544 Lumber Marking Ink - Excellent ink for permanently marking wood and lumber
             •  Marsh Spray Ink - popular for stencils
             •  Marsh Inks - stencil and marking inks

Pair the perfect ink pad for your ink and application:

             •  Office Ink Pads - best for water-based inks for marking porous surfaces
             •  Industrial & Heavy Duty Pads - for solvent based inks and/or industrial use settings
             •  Metal Case Pads - for heavy duty environments and solvent based inks

             •  Replacement Ink Pads - for most self-inking stamps including Shiny,Trodate, Justrite, Comet, CPL, and more