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Foil Seal Labels add a professional and official touch to documents, awards, certificates and more. Emboss your seal for even greater impact. Buy in 4 colors.

Great for Documents & Awards  |  Adds a Professional & Elegant Look  |  4-Colors Available


Add a professional and elegant touch to your documents and awards when you add embossed foil seal labels.

  • Perfect for Awards, Certificates, and Official Documents
  • Popular choice for Notaries!
  • Excellent for embossing to add your seal, company logo, or message
  • Adds an elegant touch to envelopes, holiday cards, and more
  • Gold, Silver, Red, and Green foil seals available



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Sheet of gold foil labels for use with seal embossers. Great for official documents, stationary, and certificates!

Size:  Perfect for Seals up to 1-5/8"
Color Choices: Gold, Silver, Red, Green

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Add an official touch to documents, certificates, stationary, contracts, holiday cards, etc. Great for embossing! Buy online. Fast shipping!
10975 - GOLD FOILS

Size:  Perfect for Seals up to 2" Diameter
Per Box: 40 Adhesive Seals

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