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Huge variety of ink/stamp pads for rubber stamping. Office & heavy duty pads, plastic or metal cases, small & large, plus replacement pads for self-inking stamps.

Office & Industrial  |  Felt & Foam & Stone Pads  |  Large & Small  |  Replacement Pads  


A good ink pad is essential for most rubber stamping applications. Our huge variety of pads in different shapes and sizes allow you to choose the best pad for your application,

  • Shiny Office Pads - economical, excellent for most office applications
  • Heavy Duty Pads - polypropylene case withstands solvent based inks better than office pads
  • Metal Case Pads - excellent for almost all inks, metal case great for wear and tear
  • Mark II Pad - especially for fast dry solvent-based inks, 2-sided pad helps cut down on re-inking
  • Lumberman's Pads / Foam Pads - transfers more ink to stamp, popular for lumber and pallet marking
  • Stone Pads - for fast drying solvent-based inks, good for smaller stamps
  • Large Ink Pads - for use with extra large rubber stamps
  • Replacement Ink Pads - for plastic and metal self-inking stamps, we carry most brands!

Not sure which pad is best? Ink pad recommendations differ depending on the ink you're using. Most inks on our site include pad recommendations or always feel free to contact us at 1-877-424-5395 or sales@indianastamp.com.