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Indiana Stamp carries many types of ink for any marking purpose. Let us help you find the best ink! Email sales@indianastamp.com with questions.

A Full Line of Inks -- in stock and ready to ship!
We carry a broad range of inks to meet all your rubber stamping and marking needs. Whether you're stamping paper in your office, lot codes on parts, date codes on food packaging, or rubber stamping with your kids, we have you covered! Most inks are in-stock and ready to ship.

Are you...
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  What are you marking?
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Re-inking an office stamp pad?
  Noris Ink
   • Paper (uncoated)
 • Kraft Paper
 • Cardboard Boxes

 Noris Ink
Adding ink to a self-inking stamp?    Noris Ink    • Coated Paper
 • Archival Documents
 Noris Ink
Adding ink to a pre-inked stamp?   ​Noris Ink
 • Wood
 • Lumber
 Lumber Marking
 Noris Ink

Looking for Marsh Ink?  Marsh Ink    • Human Skin
 Noris Ink
Refilling Secure Stamps/Markers?  Secure Ink  

 • Metal
 • Plastic
 • Food Packaging
 • Poly Bags
 • Textiles/Fabric
 • Rubber

 Noris Ink
Using a Lions Automatic Numbering machine?  Noris Ink

Not sure what ink is best for your needs?
Feel free to contact our friendly representatives at 877-424-5395 or visit NorisUSA.com and click the
"Find My Ink" option, fill out an Ink Inquiry Form or email us.