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Professional quality rubber stamp inks for nearly all applications. Most inks in stock and ready to ship. Buy online!

The right ink makes your stamped image look its best!

Need an ink to mark on paper? Metal? Plastic? Wood? Food packaging? You've come to the right place! We carry a full line of Noris brand professional quality ink — inks to mark on nearly every surface and to solve a variety of marking challenges!

• Rubber stamp ink for every surface 
• In stock and ready to ship
• Expedited shipping available (HazMat fees incurred for air shipments)

Need help choosing an ink? Let us help!
  •  Online:  Visit NorisUSA.com and use the "Find My Ink" tool
  •  Online:  Fill out an Ink Recommendation Form
  •  Phone:  Call us at 1-877-424-5395
  •  Email:  Send us an email and tell us about your application



 Noris Ink Index


#007  |  Ink for Porous & Non-porous  
A non-hazardous ink for nearly all surfaces. Use with hand stamps, self-inkers, flash stamps, and metal stamps.

#110  |  Stamp Pad Ink    
General water-based stamp pad ink for inking and re-inking of office stamp pads and self-inkers. 

#110UV  |  UV Endorsing Ink
Invisible UV ink for paper and skin. 
  #111  |  Meat Inspection Ink
Ink for marking directly onto meat. 
  #117  |  Neon UV Ink
Neon colored UV ink has a florescent effect, strengthened under UV light. Also safe for children's stamps.
#119  |  Stamp Pad Ink for Food Packaging
Fast drying ink suitable for marking on non-porous food packaging.  Dry time: 10 sec
  #131  |  Ink for Rubber
Highly pigmented ink especially suitable for marking on dark rubber. Dry time: 60 sec
#191  |  Ink for Non-porous and Porous Surfaces
Suitable for most non-porous surfaces, dries fairly quick on most materials but stays moist in ink pad for weeks. Dry Time: 2-5 minutes
  #196  |  Fast Dry Ink for Non-porous Surfaces
Excellent ink for nearly all non-porous surfaces, especially suited for plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene. Dry time: 10-15 seconds
   #199  |  Ink for Non-porous Surfaces
Quick drying ink suitable for marking almost all non-porous surfaces.  Dry time:  60 sec
#199UV  |  UV Ink for Non-porous Surfaces
UV invisible ink for non-porous surfaces.  Dry time: 60 sec
  #210  |  Stamp Pad Ink with Oil
Colorful oil-based ink for paper. Characteristics allow it to go deep into paper making it nearly unremovable.
  #433  |  Highly Pigmented Ink for Non-porous Surfaces
Fast drying, pigmented ink for marking on most non-porous surfaces. Dry time:  60 sec
  #440  |  Chemical Resistant Ink
Resistant to several alcohols and several oils. Dry time: 10 sec
  #510  |  Stamp Pad Ink for Cheese
Specifically formulated for marking on cheese rind. 
  #701  |  Ink for Flash Stamps
Ink for Flash Stamps
  #992  |  Ink for Freezer Bags
Fast drying ink for non-porous food packages, especially freezer bags. Dry time: 10-15 sec
  #1500  |  Fast Drying Pigmented Ink
Very fast drying, heavy bodied ink. Dry time: 10 sec