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#007 Noris rubber stamp ink marks nearly all surfaces like metal, plastics, paper, and more. Great for marking many different materials & stays wet in pad longer.

Ink for:  Nearly Any Surface  |  Metals  |  Hard Plastic  |  Ceramics & Glass  |  Wood  |  Paper - Coated & Uncoated


#007 is a non-hazardous ink that is specially formulated to mark on nearly any surface.
Even better, it will stay wet in your ink pad much longer than most fast-drying non-porous inks, making it a great choice for marking on metal or plastic with a self-inker.

  • Marks on most surfaces
  • Dry Time:  Fast -- 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on surface and application
  • Surfaces: Most porous surfaces including:
    • Paper, coated and uncoated
    • Metal
    • Hard Plastic
    • Packaging
    • Wood
    •  Ceramics and Glass
  • #007 Colors: Black, Red, Blue, White | Thinner/Cleaner also available
  • Recommended Stamp Pads: All stamp pads including office pads, heavy duty pads, and versatile pad.
  • Shipping:  Please choose FedEx Ground at checkout. If you need faster shipment, please call us at 1-877-424-5395 to arrange expedited shipping. #007 ink can ship via air without HazMat fees.

For SDS & Compliance Info:  click here

Looking for more inks and ink info? Need help finding an ink? Visit NorisUSA.com or call us at 1-877-424-5395.