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Notary publics order notary stamps and seal embossers from Indiana Stamp. Online,by phone or in person. Email sales@indianastamp.com

Notary Products

Indiana Stamp supplies notary products to hundreds of notaries every year. Our notary stamps and notary seals can be custom made to your notary public specifications or you may simply order one of our stock seal embossers or stamps.

Whether you work for yourself, are in the banking industry, government, or have notarial duties for a business such as a car dealership, we can help you find the product you need. Some of our most popular notary products include:

• Notary seal stamps
• Notary seal embossers
• Finger print supplies
• Identity-theft protection stamps & markers
• Stock Indiana Notary Seals
• Stock Ohio Notary Seals
The products listed on our website represent the most popular sizes ordered by notaries in the states of Indiana and Ohio. If you do not see what you are looking for, please email us at sales@indianastamp.com. If you are a notary in another state, we can still help you, too! Please email us so that we can better assist you.

***If you have questions regarding the rules & regulations for notaries, please contact the Indiana Secretary of State, Business Services Division, the Ohio Secretary of State, Business Services Division, or your state's Secretary of State office.***

    Indiana Notary Stamp, Seal ONLY
  Indiana Notary Stamp, Personalized - includes Seal

  Indiana Notary Pocket Style Stamp, Personalized - includes Seal
     Indiana Notary Stamp, Personalized - NO SEAL
  Ohio Notary Stamp, Seal ONLY
    Ohio Notary Stamp, Personalized - includes Seal
     Ohio Notary Stamp, Vertical Layout, Personalized - includes Seal
     Notary Embossers
     Notary Merchandise and Accessories