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Replacement Pads save time and money! For just a few dollars, order replacement pads for Shiny, Comet, Justrite, Eagle-Zephyr,and Lion Brand stamps. Most items are stock and ship the same day.

Shiny  |  Trodat  |  Justrite  |  Ideal  |  Comet  |  Eagle-Zephyr  |  Lion


Replacement stamp pads save you time and money!

Replacing the ink pad in your self-inker rejuvenates your prints and extends the life of your stamp. We carry replacement pads for a huge variety of self-inking stamps including  Shiny, Ideal, Comet, Eagle-Zephyr, and Lion Brand Automatic numberers. Most pads are in stock and ready to ship,

  • Shiny self-inker replacement pads, printers, heavy duty, essential and more
  • Ideal replacement pads
  • Comet (also called CPLs) replacement pads
  • Eagle-Zephyr replacement pads
  • Justrite replacement pads
  • Lion brand Automatic Numberers replacement pads
  • Re-inkable ink pads are good for thousands of impressions

If you do not see what you are looking for, please email us or call us at 877-424-5395. We will be happy to help you!