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Design your personalized stamp using our easy Custom Stamp Creator, from Indiana Stamp Online.

  Let Our Custom Stamp Creator Help You Choose a Stamp

Need help choosing the right stamp? The Custom Stamp Creator can determine the right product for your needs.

You choose the text style, size, and color-even add a border if you wish. The Custom Stamp Creator will choose the appropriate size stamp. You will then be able to preview an image representative of your impression.You can make changes and preview your stamp as many times as you'd like.

Once you're happy with the look of your stamp click "continue" to see the recommended stamps for your impression. Simply add the stamp to your cart and continue shopping. It's fun and easy!

Please note, previews and proofs are not shown actual size, however, they are proportional to the final impression.

The Stamp Creator is for stamps with text only.
If you have a custom logo, click here to shop for a size and style.
Step by Step Instructions

Step 1)  Select how many lines of text you'd like on your stamp.
Step 2)  Check the box under "Border" if you'd like to include a border on the stamp.
Step 3)  Select your ink color.
Step 4)  Enter your custom text on each line.
Step 5)  Select your font, size , and any text properties you desire.
Step 6)  Click "Preview" to see an image representative of your stamp. PLEASE NOTE: this image in NOT actual size, but will be proportional to your impression.
Step 7) 
Once you are happy with the look of your stamp click "continue" and we will suggest up to 5 stamp types/sizes for you to choose from.
Step 8)  Select the stamp you wish to order and click "Add to Cart".
9)  If you need assistance, please email us at sales@indianastamp.com or call us at 877-424-5395.

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