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Specialized stamps and marking products for industrial and heavy duty applications. Solutions for large or tiny stamps, marking on metal, wood, plastic, pallets and more.

A stamp for every application. Peg stamps, rocker stamps, and traditional rubber stamps enable users to mark a variety of materials from small parts to large corrugated boxes.

They can be used with a variety of specialized inks to mark plastic, metal and other non-porous surfaces. They can also be made in any size, from a 1/16" peg stamp to stamps so large they require two handles!

We make them in rubber, neoprene, buna, PVC, and EPDM as well as in varying degrees of hardness or softness to fit your specific needs.

We also make RIBtype stamps that allow you to insert and remove type on the spot to change your message.

Pair the right stamps with the right ink and ink pad, and you can mark almost anything. Because of the highly individualized nature of specialized industrial marking, we can not sell these items efficiently on our website.  If you have specialized marking needs, please call one of our marking experts at 1-877-424-5395 for a free consultation, or email sales@indianastamp.com. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm, EST.


Stamp Options

A. Art Mount Stamp--flat wood mount is an alternative to knob handle style.
B. Handle Stamp--index shows full or partial print.
C. Rocker Stamp with G Handle--provides even pressure for best imprints.
D. Moulding Mount Stamp--precise marking with index to show your message.
E. I Handle Stamp--our heaviest duty handle stamp, the I-Stamp, has a hefty 4-1/2" handle that 
                            is screwed and glued to the solid wood base.
F. Rocker Handle Stamp
--for making big imprints on uneven surfaces.
G. Peg Stamp--custom sizes for precise marking.
H. Dowel Stamp--precise marking with no sharp edges


Follow these links for information on inks & ink pads.