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Marsh K Stencil Ink makes dark, permanent prints on porous surfaces like wood, corrugated, and paper. Light resistant and great for outdoor use. Buy online!

For Porous Surfaces  |  Permanent  |  Vivid Marks  |  Great for Outdoors


Marsh K Stencil Ink is a high quality, oil based ink ink that provides dark, lasting marks for porous surfaces like wood, corrugated boxes, and paper.

  • Permanent, Waterproof, Light-resistant
  • Use only on porous surfaces like wood, corrugated material, uncoated paper and cloth
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Note: K stencil ink has oil in it and should NOT be used with rubber stamps. If you must use it for stamping, your stamps will need to be made from an oil-resistant rubber like buna or neoprene. Contact us if you have questions.
  • For use with Marsh Fountain Rollers, Fountain Brushes, and M99 Refillable Markers


NOTE:  All ink orders will ship FedEx Ground.  We only ship ink to the contiguous 48 states at this time. Thank you for understanding; we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions, please contact us at sales@indianastamp.com or 877-424-5395.


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Marsh 'K' Stencil Ink is used for making permanent and waterproof marks / prints on porous surfaces like paper, cardboard, wood, cartons and more.

 •  Permanent, Waterproof, Fast-drying
 •  For marking porous surfaces like paper, corrugated, wood, cartons
•  Colors:  Black, Red

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Use Marsh "K" Solvent to clean up brushes and rollers after using "K" Stencil ink. Buy online!

 •  For Clean-up of Marsh "K" Ink

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