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Metal Case Stamp Pads for rubber stamping stand up to solvent & alcohol base inks and tough environments. Many sizes available including 3.25" x 7". Buy online!

Metal Case Stamp Pad — 3.25" x 7"

SKU: 14190
Your Price $54.80
Metal Case Ink Pad
Pad Area:  3-1/4" x 7"  (3.25" x 7")  |  82mm x 177mm


Product Features:

  • Cloth-covered felt stamp pad in heavy duty metal case with hinged lid and rubber gasket
  • Metal case is extra durable and stands up to nearly all solvent and alcohol base inks
  • Pad comes dry so you can add the best ink for your application
  • Recommended for slower drying solvent-based inks


Coth-covered felt pads are housed in a metal case and can be used with solvent-based ink, which can damage plastic casings. This model has a hinged lid and a rubber seal which helps keep the pad moist when closed. Slower drying alcohol inks work well with this pad, but any solvent based in can be used. All pads come un-inked.


Heavy Duty Metal Case  |  Cloth-covered Felt Pad  |  Fast Shipping