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Noris Uni Pad III

SKU: 14091
Your Price $24.20
Noris Uni-Pad III Ink Pad
  Pad Area:  3-3/4" Diameter  (3.75")  |  95mm Diameter


Product Features:

  • Unique pad developed specifically for fast drying inks like #196, #199, and #191
  • Round shape and internal materials help keep non-porous inks moist for longer than standard ink pads
  • Works with most solvent-based, water-based, or oil-based inks (not suitable for #440 ink)
  • Takes approximately 0.7 ounces of ink to initially ink the dry pad  (less for re-inking)
  • Comes ether Dry or Pre-inked with your choice of our 3 most popular non-porous inks
  • Note:  though the Uni-Pad III works to keep pad moist for longer, non-porous inks dry by evaporation and will eventually dry and need re-inked


Developed by Noris specifically for fast drying inks like #196, #199 and #191, the circular Uni-Pad II helps prevent inks from drying as quickly in the pad so you do not have to re-ink as often.


Designed for Fast Dry Inks  |  Available Dry or Pre-inked  |  Fast Shipping