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Novus No. 3 removes heavy scratches and abrasions from acrylics and most plastics. Great for sneeze guards, transparent barriers, and face shields.

Novus No. 3 Heavy Scratch Remover for Plastics

SKU: 45020
NOVUS No. 3 - Heavy Scratch Remover
   2 oz  |  8 oz  |  64 oz


Novus No. 3 removes heavy scratches and abrasions and prepares your plastic for a polish.

Fantastic for plastic products, including sneeze guards, plastic barriers, face shields, and other transparent plastic partitions. Gives you a beautiful shine and professional finish that repels dust and eliminates static.

Product Features:

  • Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic and plastic surfaces
  • Use when damage is too severe for Novus No. 2 polish
  • Formulated to prepare surface for Novus No. 2 polishing. For best results and a professional polish, follow with Novus No. 1 Plastic Clean & Shine
  • Not recommended for use on coated plastic or eyeglass lenses
  • Use with nonabrasive, absorbent, and lint free soft cloth. To eliminate any chance of scratching, use only disposable cloths. Reusable cloths can retain abrasive particles, but you won't know for sure until the damage is done.
  • For repairing fine scratches, use Novus No. 2. For cleaning and polishing, use Novus No. 1. Polishing kits that include all three products, plus a Polish Mate Cloth are also available in 2 oz or 8 oz sizes.
  • Read and follow all directions as indicated on the label.
  • More Info? See informational brochure with instructions, and polishing tips.
  • Click here for SDS.


Recommended by manufacturers of plastic products, Novus Plastic Polish can rejuvenate and breathe new life into thousands of products including:

Sneeze guards  •  Plastic barriers  •  Face shields  •  Transparent partitions  •  DVDs, Video games, CDs  • Motorcycle windshields, visors, fairings and helmets  •  Snowmobile windshields, helmets and hoods  •  Collapsible windows on convertibles, Jeeps™ and campers  •   Boat windows and fiberglass • Microwave oven doors, decorator acrylic refrigerator panels  •   Airplane windows  •  Acrylic on tanning beds • Video games and pinball machines  •  Acrylic hot tubs and spas  •  Acrylic aquariums   •   Acrylic, fiberglass or cultured marble tubs, sinks, and countertops   •  Acrylic trophies and awards  •  Plastic storm windows and skylights  •  Auto interiors, gauges, chrome and acrylic paints  •  Emergency vehicle light bar lens covers  •  Copiers and fax machines  •  Acrylic furniture  •  and many more...


Novus Plastic Polishing System  |  Clean, Restore, Repair  |  Great for Sneeze Guards & Plastic Barriers




    Product Options and Custom Information
    SizesSite PriceQty
    2 oz. Bottle$4.99
    8 oz. Bottle$9.24
    64 oz. Bottle$43.27