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Noris #1500 Black Ink • Very fast drying, heavy bodied ink for non-porous surfaces. Dry time: 5-15 seconds | Buy online!

#1500 Noris Ink — Black

SKU: 19150
Noris #1500 Black Ink

  • Heavy bodied pigment ink for marking non-porous surfaces
  • Widely used in the automotive industry 
  • Good high temperature ink that can resist temperatures up to 600º C (1100º F). Testing is recommended for all high temperature applications.

 Most non-porous surfaces |  Metal  •  Hard Plastic  •  Stone  •  Electronics  •  Painted Surfaces   •  Treated Polyethylene  • PE and PP conditionally (testing recommended)
   Dry Time:
 Very Fast -- 5-15 seconds

  • Highly pigmented ink with good coverage
  • Good for almost all non-porous surfaces

   Ink Pads:
 Metal Case Pad, Heavy Duty Pads
  Note: non-porous inks that dry fast on your parts tend also to dry fast in an ink pad, so expect to re-ink more often when using them. Special pads like the UniPad III and Mark II Pad are designed to help with this issue.


Looking for more inks and ink info? Need help finding an ink or SDS? Visit NorisUSA.com or call us at 1-800-473-4039.

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    Notes on Shipping Ink:

    All inks will be shipped by FedEx Ground:  Ink is considered a hazardous substance and must ship accordingly. You will be contacted if a different shipping method is selected at checkout as shipping charges may differ. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Need your ink faster? Expedited shipping (Next Day) is available. Please contact us by phone for fastest service. Expedited shipments cannot be processed online. (HazMat fees and document fees are added to air shipments).


    #1500 Noris InkSite PriceQty
        1 oz.$5.70
        2 oz.$11.40
        4 oz.$21.10
        8 oz.$32.20
      Pint (16 oz.)$45.60
      Quart (32. oz)$63.90
      Gallon (128 oz.)$184.20