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High quality Shiny Deluxe Desk Embosser without the high price. Emboss your custom business or personal 1-5/8" seal on documents and stationary.

Shiny ED-Deluxe Desk Embosser with 1-5/8" Seal

SKU: 44843
Your Price $56.70
Shiny EZ-ED Desk Style Seal Embosser
   • Design Area:  1-5/8" Diameter (1.63")  |  41mm



Popular for notaries, business, government officials, engineers, corporations and home use, the Shiny EZ-ED embosser is built for durability with precision parts.


Product Features:

  • Durable desk embosser creates quality imprints
  • 1-5/8" laser engraved die embosses your custom message
  • 1-1/2" reach to center of die  (For longer reach, consider Heavy Duty Desk Embossers or Super Desk Embossers)
  • Embossing adds an official and elegant touch to your corporate and business documents, stationary, notary transactions, library or personal book collections and more 
  • Best when used with single sheets of paper 20#-30#. For heavier papers or light card stock we recommend the "super" long reach embossers
  • If adding artwork or corporate logo art, please contact us directly to place your order so we discuss artwork and verify it will be suitable for embosser plate creation. Some artwork may incur additional art charges if touch-up or re-drawing is necessary to ensure the quality can be used for the engraving process.

Note on Direction: We ask for embossing direction in order to create and assemble the embosser correctly for your intended use. Please indicate which direction you will be placing your embosser.


Adds a Professional & Elegant Touch  |  Durable Construction  |  Quality Imprints