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Marsh Refillable 3" Fountain Roller

Your Price $86.30
Marsh Refillable 3" Fountain Roller
   • Use with Rolmark, PolyRolmark, "K", or Lumber Marking Inks

The pump action of Marsh Fountain Rollers gives you fast, uniform ink dispensing without fading or flooding. Ink is housed in the handle and pumps directly into the ink roll, eliminating the need for a separate ink pad and allowing you to move freely throughout your work environment. Great for warehouses, shipping docks, on-site jobs, etc.

Product Features:

  • Refillable handle, roller head assembly, and neoprene ink roll  (no ink included)
  • Durable aluminum and brass construction of the handle and roller head assembly stands up to tough environments
  • Long-wearing neoprene roller
  • Environmentally friendly -- refill handle with Marsh quart or gallon inks to reduce packaging waste
  • Use only with Rolmark or PolyRolmark Stencil Ink, "K" Stencil Ink, or Lumber Marking Ink
  • Replacement neoprene rollers are available
  • Also available:  3" Kit with Rolmark Ink  •  3" Kit with "K" Ink  •  1-1/2" Fountain Roller

Marsh Fountain Rollers are excellent for marking and stenciling. The pump action of the fountain roller system feeds ink into the ink roll lessening downtime and keeping productivity high. Ink housed in the handle and pumps directly into the ink roll to keep you rolling!   (RFR200F-30-ONLY) 


Durable for Tough Environments  |  Quick & Easy-to Use  |  Keeps You Rolling!